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How to clean grinder conical burrs

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Your Barista Express® machine features a conical burr grinder, allowing for more consistently ground beans and an overall better espresso extraction. However, such a professional piece of espresso equipment requires proper maintenance and care. In this video tutorial, our host demonstrates how to properly clean the conical burrs on your grinder to ensure a perfect cup of brew, every single time. As demonstrated, you should locate the “hopper” on your machine, unlock it, and empty out any remaining beans. Then, replace the hopper and lock it back in. Set your grind size to 16—that’s the maximum—and power the grinder until it’s empty. Pull the wire handle of the upper burr upwards and twist it counterclockwise to unlock and remove it, as well as the hopper. Use the burr brush to clean both upper and lower burrs, and your grind outlet brush to clean the outlet. Once cleaned, match the index marks and bring the upper burr back into a firm position, and rotate it clockwise to lock it. Return the hopper to its position, and bring your grind setting back to your preferred number. Voilà! You have finished cleaning your burr grinder, and are ready for your next cup.

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Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here