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How to perform a descale

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Every cup of delicious, third-wave specialty coffee is made up of nearly 99% water. That means the quality of the water you use is essential to the coffee you make. That’s why we have equipped the Breville Barista Express® with a water filter to remove minerals from the water, ensuring each cup of coffee you brew tastes great. But those minerals can build up in the heating elements of the espresso maker, so you’ll need to learn how to descale the machine, removing the hard water deposits from the system. Follow along with the video to learn the Barista Express®’s responses as you run through the descaling process. First, you’ll learn to recognize when the machine is notifying you that a cleaning is required ('Clean / Descale' light on) and how to prepare the machine (by emptying the water tank and the drip tray). Next, you will remove the water filter and use the descale powder that came with your machine. When you reinsert the water tank filled with the descale solution, you can begin the machine's descaling process. Watch as our host demonstrates the use of the buttons to initiate the process and run it through the machine's steam and hot water components (such as the steam wand). Once the Barista Express® has completed the descaling process, remove, rinse, refill and replace the water tank. Repeat these steps to remove any remaining residue. To conclude, you'll press 'Power,' and you'll be on your way to making your next flavorful espresso!

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