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How to perform a cleaning cycle

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Delicious, cafe-quality coffee relies on using clean tools and keeping The Barista Pro™ free from coffee residue. This cleaning is so important, we have designed the machine to do the heavy lifting for you. Follow along with the video to learn how to perform a cleaning cycle on The Barista Pro™. Your espresso machine will alert you when it is time to run it through the cleansing cycle. Follow along as we demonstrate how to set the espresso maker to clean by using the grey silicone disc and cleansing tablets that came with The Barista Pro™. Watch as these are inserted into the group head, ready to clean. Next, further prepare the machine by emptying the drip tray and filling up the water tank. At this point, you will learn how to navigate the menu of the espresso machine to initiate the cleansing cycle. Once you set The Barista Pro™ to clean, it will automatically run through the cleaning, notifying you it is finished by beeping and lighting the dials on the machine. At this point, check to be sure the cleansing tablet has completely dissolved; if it has not, run the machine through the cleansing cycle again.

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