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How to adjust the shot volume and temperature

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Learn how to use The Barista Pro™ to create delicious, third wave specialty coffee to suit your taste. Watch Leo Schmidt, a professional barista, show you how you can adjust the dose, the shot volume, and the temperature to customize your beverage. To adjust the volume of the shot, first grind, dose, and tamp the coffee grounds using the portafilter. Next, press the 'Menu' button. Using the 'Grinder Amount' dial, navigate the menu, choosing between 1 cup and 2 cups to brew. Press the dial to select the option. Next, insert the portafilter into the group head and press the cup button to begin the pre-infusion. If you'd like to customize the pre-infusion, instead press and hold the cup button during the pre-infusion. Release the button to stop the pre-infusion and to start extraction. When you have extracted the desired volume, push the cup button again to stop the extraction at the amount you want. You can also adjust the water temperature of the extraction using the Barista Pro™. To do so, first press the 'Menu' button, then use the Grinder dial to navigate the menu to Shot Temp. Next, press the 'Grinder Amount' dial to select 'Shot Temp.' Turn the dial to increase or decrease the shot temperature as displayed on the screen.

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Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here