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How to clean the shower screen

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To ensure the Barista Touch™ is always ready to brew the perfect cup of third wave specialty coffee, it's important to maintain your machine at peak efficiency. This maintenance includes regularly cleaning the machine and each of its parts and accessories. So for the best performance, and delicious coffee every time, keep all of the elements clean and free from coffee residue. The shower screen is a small device with a vital function. It produces a balanced flow rate for the hot water, delivering an even dispersal over the coffee in the filter basket. The even dispersal of the water depends upon the openings in the screen remaining clean and clear of grounds or coffee residue. Your Barista Touch™ has a setting that will pour steaming hot water through the group head with the portafilter and the filter basket in place. This will keep the shower screen clean and free from grounds or oils that would otherwise build up and could alter the taste of your brew. Enjoy great-tasting espresso every time with the Barista Touch™.

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Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here