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How to perform a factory reset

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The Barista Touch™ makes it simple to create and enjoy your own third wave specialty coffee at home. Not only can you achieve perfectly extracted espresso and ideally textured milk, you can also customize your own beverages and save these in the drinks menu. Sometimes you want a fresh start. Should you ever wish to override all the customizations you've made to your machine so you can start over, it's easy to reset the Barista Touch™ back to its factory defaults. When you reset to factory defaults, all settings changes you have made will be deleted, including all custom drinks. To do this, first, tap the cog icon in the upper right corner of the display screen to bring up the settings menu. Next, scroll to the bottom of the settings and tap 'Factory Reset.' This brings up the option to reset the machine. Tap 'Reset.' Then, tap 'Confirm.' Just remember that resetting the factory defaults will delete any custom drinks you have previously created.

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