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Check and set water hardness

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The quality of the water you use is an integral ingredient in achieving a delicious cup of third wave coffee. Please do not use distilled water, or water with a low mineral content or no minerals at all as fluorides and other minerals are essential for developing a full-bodied coffee flavor. When making exceptional coffee, balance is everything! Too high of a mineral content and the water will impair the taste of the coffee and impact the maintenance needed to keep your Barista Touch™ in tip-top condition. That's why we included a water filtration system in the Barista Touch™ and a method for testing the water hardness. Before connecting your water tank to your machine, please dip the water testing strip into the water. You will then enter the water test results into your machine so it can notify you when it requires maintenance. If your water test results are a 4 or a 5, we recommend you find a different, filtered water source for the quality of the coffee flavor and to protect your machine from hard water deposits.

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Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here