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It’s crucial to maintain and clean your Breville Dual Boiler™, though some parts need more regular care than others. Your filter basket is one of those items—by rinsing it before and after every use, you will ensure a better tasting espresso shot. We explain how to regularly clean your Breville Dual Boiler™ filter basket to avoid buildup of coffee residue and oils. Follow our step-by-step guide to create rich, tasty third wave specialty coffee every time: 1) Make sure your filter basket is cool and ready for handling, then place your portafilter under hot water to remove oily residues. 2) Check your filter basket for any blocks. 3) If any holes are clogged, use a cleaning tablet and hot water to soak your filter basket and portafilter for 20 minutes. 4) Give everything a rinse. By sticking to this regular routine, you can guarantee a better quality brew.

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