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How to clean grinder conical burrs

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Regularly cleaning your Oracle® Touch's grinder conical burrs helps you achieve consistent grinding results, which is essential for making perfect shots of espresso. Follow these 6 simple steps to clean the grinder conical burrs, and enjoy third wave specialty coffee in your own kitchen. 1) Unlock the hopper and remove any remaining coffee beans. 2) Replace and lock the hopper, set the grind size to the maximum 45, and run the grinder until empty. 3) Unlock and remove hopper and upper burr by pulling the wire arm up and twisting it counterclockwise. 4) Remove the tamping fan and wipe it down with a dry cloth. 5) Clean the upper and lower burr with the burr brush. Then, take the grind outlet brush and clean the grind outlet thoroughly. 6) Put the hopper and grinder conical burrs back into place. Align the index marks and push the upper burr firmly into position. Then lock the upper burr by rotating it clockwise. Insert the hopper and lock it securely into place. Finally, return your grind setting to its previous position. Now you're ready to fill the grinder again with fresh coffee beans!

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