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How to create latte art

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Latte art is an exciting journey that ranges from simple to complex patterns. Every design requires three things: well-extracted espresso, perfectly textured milk, and a lot of practice. The Oracle® is equipped with a high-pressure steam wand set at 260 degrees F, which is essential for creating barista-quality latte art. In this video, professional barista Leo Schmidt will walk you through the process of basic latte art, starting with how to hold the milk jug and cup. Our host also demonstrates the expert method of pouring microfoam milk to pierce the center of the crema just right. When you start to see a white "dot" appear, you’re almost to the finish line. Making the basic dot pattern is the first step toward creating more intricate latte art patterns like The Heart, Tulip, and Rosetta.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here