How to make a mocha latte

Among espresso drinks, lattes are appreciated by a large amount of caffeine drinkers. While other coffee beverages make espresso the centerpiece to highlight the unique flavors of the brewed beans, lattes blend a taste all their own.

These milk-forward drinks provide the perfect blank slate for additional flavors, like syrups and sugars, to enter the scene. One of the most classic types of lattes is the mocha latte: a decadent indulgence that marries coffee and chocolate together to create a decadent treat.

If you’ve wondered how to make a mocha latte, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you will learn what a mocha latte is, how to craft one for yourself, and all the ingredients and equipment you need to achieve a coffee beverage of professional quality. 

What is a mocha latte?

A basic latte is simply the combination of espresso, a generous amount of steamed milk, and sometimes a final layer of thin foam on top. 

To make a homemade mocha latte, all you need to do is add chocolate flavoring to this base beverage. This is most often achieved through cocoa powder and/or chocolate syrup. The rich mocha latte that results from this mixture is also referred to as a caffè mocha.

Because it is a member of the coffee drink family, mocha lattes are indeed caffeinated. A typical 12-ounce serving will contain around 152 mg of caffeine.

Although there are only three core ingredients in a homemade mocha latte, the quality and flavor of your final drink can vary greatly depending on how you piece these elements together. 

Experiment with different espresso, milk, and chocolate options to find your ideal combination.

The espresso

When making a latte of any kind, it is recommended that you use coffee beans of a roast no lighter than medium. Dark and medium-dark roasts are frequently cited as the best choices for lattes. 

This is because the high milk content of lattes already balances out the natural undertones of the espresso you’re using. If you pair light roast coffee with the generous amount of milk used to craft lattes, the flavor of your espresso may not be able to shine through.

The milk

The ratio of milk to espresso in a latte should be around 3:1. This makes the latte the milkiest of all espresso drinks. It’s also the largest in size due to the volume of all the milk added to the beverage. 

Therefore, the milk you choose for your latte is vital: it can make or break the flavor and texture of your drink. 

Baristas generally endorse whole milk as the best milk for frothing in lattes. It provides a creamy and velvety texture that is ideal for frothing. 

If you’re vegan, lactose intolerant, or prefer plant-based dairy alternatives, oat milk can be an optimal substitution for latte milk. Almond milk is also a fantastic option if you enjoy a slightly nutty taste. 

The chocolate

Drinking a mocha latte is like indulging in a hearty cup of hot chocolate, only with the added bonus of delicious and energizing espresso. 

Because chocolate is such a key element of any mocha latte recipe, the chocolate you choose really matters. Most people opt for one of the following ingredients when adding chocolatey flavor to their mocha latte coffee recipes

● High-quality hot cocoa mix

● Chocolate syrup 

● Homemade mocha or chocolate sauce 

If you use unsweetened cocoa powder in your latte, you may want to add some sugar to your beverage to sweeten it to your liking. 

The equipment

While it is possible to throw a mocha latte together with tools you have at home such as microwaves, stovetops, and mason jars, these methods can be tedious and tiring. 

If you plan on making lattes regularly, it’s smart to invest in robust, capable appliances.

A professional, quality espresso machine will feature all the bells and whistles you need to extract the finest flavors from your coffee bean and steam your milk to perfection. 

Using premium equipment is not only the most efficient and effective way to brew coffee at home, but it will also make the process of cleaning up a breeze.

Crafting the drink

Now that you’re more formally acquainted with the mocha latte, you can try your hand at crafting this delicious chocolate and coffee concoction at home. Follow these steps to create your mocha masterpiece: 

1. Starting as you would prepping any latte: brew a single or double shot of espresso and set it aside in a mug or latte glass. At this point, any size will do as lattes are less specific to the ratio of espresso to milk. Just remember, smaller equals stronger in regards to coffee flavor.

2. Mix your chocolate sauce or hot chocolate powder into the hot espresso you brewed. 

3. Pour milk into the milk jug on your espresso machine and begin the steaming process to froth, foam, and heat the liquid. 

4. Pour the steamed milk over the top of your espresso and mocha mixture. Do so carefully so that a thin layer of milk foam is left on the very top of your drink. 

If you prefer an iced latte, feel free to pour your fresh beverage over some ice cubes and enjoy it that way. 

A popular way to put the final touches on a mocha latte is adding toppings such as: 

● Whipped cream

● Chocolate drizzle

● Chocolate shavings

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If you love mocha lattes, and want to learn how to make a latte or other beverage, you now have all the information you need to make these indulgent drinks all by yourself with the finesse of a seasoned barista. However, a mocha latte recipe alone isn’t enough to craft a true coffee masterpiece. 

When it comes to different types of espresso drinks, the key to success lies in the caliber of your equipment. Here at Breville, we pride ourselves on providing top-of-the-line professional espresso machines and accessories that help you achieve café-quality brewed coffee from the comfort of home. 

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